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my house is crazy right now. my grandma and her girlfriend r here, my crazy kool unkle is here, and my other grandma is here too. plus my 2 parents and 3 little siblings. my pour dog is going berserk. theres way too much overstimulation. ime currently hiding from everybody in the office with the door jammed shut. its crazy here. also, i'm learning chinese, i know quite a bit of french, and im hoping 2 learn farsi. my dumb little sister thinks that whistling is the same thing as making a squeaking noise in her throat so thats wat shes doing, my unkle biked 111 miles down here so he's busy complaining about everything, and my 2 brothers r playing halo3 with the volume turned way up. help me im dying

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Lol. How cute!


well, right no4 shes laying down by me, but when i wrote this she was running around and trying 2 become a canine missile.


What is your dog doing right now?


That's crazy! I'm taking french right now, because my ancestors where Creoles.

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