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High school

Hi i just started as a sophomore last week and there is construction everywhere I'm dodging bulldozers all day long. Also several of the usual fire exits are blocked off so every thing i memorized last year is useless. how do you get around the construction sites with your cane?

Also in gym class last year i would just put my cane up and that was the end of it but i had more vision then than now what do you do in gym with your cane do you just leave it propped up some where or do you leave it in the locker room or what i would like to know for gym this year?

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Re:High school

If I were you, I would ask my OandM teacher for suggestions.

Re:High school

Forgot about the construction issue...

Campuses change, especially college campuses, I am a bit surprised that your high school is changing so much, but it does happen. That is a tough situation.

Construction needs to be marked properly for you to be able to travel safely. Some places will use baracades whether those plastic fences or another solution. Florida State University used those and beeping baracades to let you know as you approached. I find construction often and it can be tough. Sometimes they put cones with wooden dowls coming out of them with those plastic streamers roped across. Your can may miss them, but your body will find them if higher. They should be a safe distance from any danger. I will reroute or follow around them if I have to, but you have to have an idea of what the area is like. Most schools know a long time prior to construction, so you should be able to find out about it. They have plans and you should be able to get help from your TVI or O & M instructor to plan for an alternate route or how to navigate aroud it. If you can not do so, you will have ask the school for some type of assistance to get through this area.

Just some thoughts and I wish you good luck!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:High school


I think for the issues with the cane, you should be able to take it, if it's a folding cane and fold it and put it somewhere in the gym out of the way, that's what I did when I wasn't in Adaptive PE.
I don't really know wbout the construction thing, I think you should speak with your TVI and other teachers. Maybe try talking to your ONM teacher about some suggestions on how to get around the construction, sense that's an ONM type of thing.
I think your school should have let you know of the construction they had planned, to know a whole building one year and to have to reenter it the next with construction going on is really tricky and I find it really terrible of them to just basically stick you in that situation with no warning, or without letting your teachers know you might need assistance with learning the ways around the construction.
Hope this helps. :)
Good luck.

Re:High school

This is something that you need to discuss with your teacher of the visually impaired, gym teacher, and it might have to be addressed in your IEP? Do you participate in your IEP? If not, you should be, this where they plan your education and how it will help you reach your goals.

I would never leave my cane in a locker, but if you are playing a sport, I would leave it in a specific spot on the side or near the teacher.

Are any of the sports addapted for you in any way? Are you included in the sports and activities?

Is this general physical education or adaptive?

I love sports and actually taugh physical education. It was general physical education and adaptive.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:High school

what eye problem do you have?

Re:High school

I fold my cane up whenever I'm not using it. In class, I fold it up and put it under my chair. As for using your cane around all that construction, I don't know how to help you because I've never had that problem.

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