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Question about Gym Class

Okay, so at my school, I was in regular gym wth everyone else until ninth grade, in ninth grade, they decided to put me in adaptive PE, whcih to me is really weird.
It's not the teacher that bothers me, she's really nice and she's awesom, but I can't stand the fact that I'm the only person in my gym class. I just feel left out when people discuss what they are doing in sports, I feel as if I'm missing out on something. I feel like I want to be apart of the class with everyone else, but the problem with that is my school doesn't adapt, or know how fully to adapt and I don't know how to tell them because I don't know myself for some of the sports.
Sense I'm the only one in Adaptive PE, I usually am in the weightroom, on the indoor or outdoor tracks and that's about it.
I don't mind doing those things, I just feel left out from everyone else. I want to learn to play the sports, or at least try to. When I was in regular gym back in eighth grade, I likedit because I was with everyone and they tried there best to adapt it, like they'd have another classmate helping me out with some of the sports. They tell me that the other students are more dangerous in high school gym, but doen't everyone take the risk of getting injured? Or am I wrong about that?
I've had gym with the same teacher sense ninth grade, I'm going into my Junior year and I'm going to have the same teacher fo this year and next year most likely.
I just don't know what to do about this, any ideas?

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Re: Question about Gym Class


Re:Question about Gym Class

I'm sorry to hear about the issues associated with school and gym class in particular. I am a martial arts instructor with RP and I teach classes in West Islip, NY. Every week we offer martial arts training, yoga and meditation classes. Check out for more info.

Re:Question about Gym Class

Going to school for me, is the most misserable experience ever. I hate school as much as I love roller coasters. I don't know how much longer I can take this.

Re:Question about Gym Class

i was in normal gym in elementary school and junior high. my school wouldnt adapt anything 4 me and being totally blind, i was fairly scared of flying baseballs and basket balls. nevertheless, i tried 2 act like the rest of the kids. in eighth grade, my fear and i came face 2 face when someone dunked a basketball in an extremely high hoop which i was unknowingly under. it knocked me clean out and i woke up in my parents car leaving the er with a concution from my head bashing on to the wooden gym floor. after that, i got pe wavers and worked out at the gym down town instead. it seems as though you want 2 be in pe but if u decide that adaptive pe makes u feel too different, try it. no one has 2 know since its after school that ud go 2 the gym anyways. plus, u could have another class u want 2 take in the space of pe.

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