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WWanting to Have Friends

Hi! My name is Lucie from the Philippines. I am no longer a teen. I am already 22 years of age. I would like to have some friends. Thank you and I am looking forward to your replies. God bless. (PLEASE Do not post your phone number or email address on this message board, this message board has persons under the age 18 on it. Thank you and welcome!)

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Re:WWanting to Have Friends

I love riding roller coasters and partying. My email coastergirl92 at

Re:WWanting to Have Friends

well im really wadting 2 go in 2 med school 4 1. i guess fun isn't a word i really know. my idea of it is chemistry and calculous. ya, im a freak. lol. seriously though, theres nothiog better then a good science lab envolving mercury and ethanol. smiles. by the way, i memorized ur email b4 it was taken down. do u mind if i message you?

Re:WWanting to Have Friends

Thanks for all your replies. I love RNB, ballad, alternative and Christian Songs. I am a college graduate. I took up Bachelor of Science in Information Management. I also love logging in to facebook. Do you have accounts? How about you guys? What do you do?

Re:WWanting to Have Friends

Hello Lucie. My name is Sarah. I'm from California. I'm 18 years of age. I love making new friends. What do you like to do for fun?

Re:WWanting to Have Friends

Hey!!!!!! welcome!!!!! :) :)
It's nice to meet you. It's great you want to find friends!! I'm always trying to find friends. I hope you find many friends.

Re:WWanting to Have Friends

hi!!! im alana! im 17 but im already a senior in highschool. so i was just wondering, wat r u like? like, wat music do u listen 2 and all that kind of stuff. nice 2 meet u Lucie

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