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Athlete in freak eye damaging accident

I'm here at the University of Minnesota and I was stabbed in the eye where the weapon went about 2 inches deep under my left eye, but im not sure if my nerve is crushed, but it has been 4 weeks and I'm still unable to see out of it. Is there sugery or laser possible....? If anybody know.

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Re:Athlete in freak eye damaging accident

Nobody wants me to have one.

Re:Athlete in freak eye damaging accident

ok now im really confused. i thought that u didnt want a guide dog.

Re:Athlete in freak eye damaging accident

See, this is exactly why I need a guide dog!

Re:Athlete in freak eye damaging accident

well basically i was walking alone, pre guide dog and a cupple of college aged people jumped me. thats basically how it went.

Re:Athlete in freak eye damaging accident

How did you get attacked?

Re:Athlete in freak eye damaging accident

hi, my name is alana. it depends on where you were stabbed, how deep, and even the position your eye ball was in at the exact moment. was your cornia damaged, or your eye pierced at all?. if your eye was punctured then the clear fluid inside could have leaked out, and the pressure would go down. in all likelyhood, you would lose the eye. if your cornia was scratched, depending on the suvarity, it will either heal, or there are other things that you can do working with doctors. depending on the depth and location its posible that nurves could have been damaget or severed. also, the muscles in your eye sockets could be damaged as well. if you need anything or want to talk let me know. i've been atacked befor and am honestly still having a lot of trouble putting it behind me. read some of my other posts and you'll see that. be carefull on campus, and watch out for yourself.
alana aka chlorine

Re:Athlete in freak eye damaging accident


I am so sorry about that, I can't even imagine the feelings you are experiencing from such a traumatic event. You really are better off consulting eye specialists about this type of issue.

Can you see out of the other eye? Or did you lose vision in both eyes? I am guessing that you have vision in one eye because you are typing this into your computer. I can't imagine you already have learned assistive technology in a few weeks.

I am so sorry that this happened.

There are many things much worse then being visually impaired or losing vision in one eye. It sounds like you were pretty lucky in such a situation. I know that may seem like a strange thing to say, but the situation you described was pretty extreme.

What have doctors told you? I would imagine that you would have good services up there in Minnesota.

It never hurts to get a second opinion if you are unsure about the first one.

I wish you the best and let us know if you have any other questions.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

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