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As we all go back to school, I would like to share my story about starting over.

Hi, I'm United79. As we all go back to school, I would like to share my story about starting over, and starting a new school. I'm in high school; and love it! Here it is. Freshmen, Fresh Start, Head Start
All through school, from the time years ago when I first walked (or rather was carried, I was so young) into a preschool classroom, to the time I graduated from Junior High (which some people now call middle school), I was a so-so student. There were days when I shined, I had A’s, I impressed my teachers, my parents heard good things about me at parent teacher conferences, and then there were off days. I would either sit there and not do my work, or do it quickly just to get it over with, and it showed in my performance as far as grades. But worst of all,
I would do work and not turn it in! I lost the very meaning of my assignments, because I wasn’t getting credit for them; credit I desparitly needed. Somehow I managed to pass sixth and seventh grade with mostly C’s. When I entered eighth grade, my last year of junior high, I began spyrolling downward. My parents were both changing schedules, and On top of that, I was not motivated at the school where I was; I didn’t see the point in being there, because no one took anything sireously there. There was bad behavior in the extreme; vandalism, sometimes the occasional worse incident, all of which were delt with inadequately with very short sentences of in-school-suspension. The principal there was the worst entity there; she was a stuck-up individual, and didn’t care about the learning of the students. For one trimester, I passed and failed things intermitintly, finally passing all my classes with C’s and D’s again. During Second trimester, I was doing better; with mostly C’s. I had gotten used to the changes in my family’s lives, and most of them went back to their normal rootenes.
During third trimester, my focus was graduating. I wanted so badly to get out of there; I would stop at nothing to leave! I was relentless, unchanging, unstoppable in my quest to leave; but I did nothing I didn’t have to do.
When I finally did graduate, on Wednesday, May 26, 2010, I was more than extatic. As I walked out of the school building after graduation, holding flowers and presents from family, and crying for the sheer joy of this event in my life, I considered myself unaffiliated with that school forever. I swore that as my mother drove the car with me in it off of the school’s grounds that day, that that would be the last time any of us would ever be with in those boundaries. We haven’t returned since; and I don’t regret that!
I swore that I was going to leave that part of my life behind me, and make a clean start, and enacted a plan to do so which I am putting in affect today. The real work on starting over didn’t really begin until I decided that my equipment for school needed to be revamped. I got rid of old folders from as far back as fourth grade that had letters missing from the labels, and contained nothing but junk I hadn’t pulled out in months, or had once needed, but lost in the jungle I called a backpack, and didn’t see again until June when I didn’t need it anymore.
I got rid of the work I’d done in junior high that would never make a difference again.
That was the past, and I still have a goal to accomplish on the road to becoming valedictorian of the class of 2014. My goal for this year is to pass every class, every semester, with a B, or preferably an A. A’s are what I’m aiming for. This is the motto I go by: I call it my “A B C rule.”
If it’s not an A, and it’s not a B, it’s not something we want to C. (see)
It’s going to take more than will power to accomplish this goal, I’m going to fight to the end of this school year. The attitude that says “It’s May, and it’s the end of the year, I’m just going to slack on the job and not do anything!” is not going to be exceptable. I’ve done that before; which is the reason I’ve decided to get rid of:
My grades from the past three years.
I will not hold on to the past three years; anything I find from those three years will either be turned in to my parents (to prevent it from being destroyed), or it will be physically destroyed and thrown in the trashcan. If destroying those things isn’t enough, I will never set foot in the building where I went to Junior High again. There are some old teachers that I will keep in contact with, but there are at least three that I never want to see again, so I will not put myself in that kind of position.
I also need to get rid of my terrible rootene, stop doing my homework at 4:00 in the morning, and put a structured schedule in place. I am going to outline it later in this essay; but I will present now the way I’m used to doing things, which has to go.
3:00 Drive home
3:15, get home, eat go to sleep, do whatever until 5:00
5:00 do a little bit of my homework, but save the big stuff for the morning
6:00 reckreate
7:00 continue reckreational activities
8:00 go to bed.
4:00 Get up and finish my homework
5:30 A.M. take a shower, get ready for school.
6:55 A.M. Leave for school.
It doesn’t work; so I have to get rid of it.
The things I currently have that are going to help me are numerous. I have relationships and support from family members; parents, sister, grandparents, others. I also have a relationship with my teachers (every single one!), my councilor, and my case manager to help me succeed in school.
As far as actual material things go, the one thing that will help me most is going to be my new organizational system. Instead of a cluttered hard drive on my computer, I have one that holds folders, and even folders within folders to keep my schoolwork separated into catagories. I even have a folder called “junk” in case something comes onto my computer by accident that I can’t tell if I need, and I can give it to a teacher. My network drive used to be a jumble of documents, and folders that were too numerous. I used to try to separate each class into ten catagories that would never be filled; and found even the ones that should have been filled sitting empty, with their respective documents sitting in the main folder, or not in a folder at all. Sometimes, I wouldn’t even save documents, and that would become a problem when it came time to turn things in. That was the reason for the C’s and D’s all through eighth grade, apart from the fact that I just didn’t care; as long as I graduated. This year will be different; I have the drive to succeed, the organizational system, and the appropriate relationships. What I need, however, is structure in rootein. I have one particular folder that is designed to hold homework that needs to get done in one pocket, and homework that needs to get turned in in the opposite pocket. Armed with this, and the proper schedule, I can make sure I never have a late assignment again.
MY New Schedule
5:00 A.M.: Rise and shine! It’s time to get ready for school. I need to leave by 6:30 every morning.
6:30 A.M.: I leave for school, and arrive before 7:15.
7:15: School starts
3:00 School lets out, drive home.
3:15: I will return to my residence; and I will have fifteen minutes in which to relax, take a break, etc.
3:30 P.M. Time to start homework, it needs to be done before supper time, which is flexable.
7:00 P.M.: Make sure all school preparations are done. Pack lunch, pick out outfit, tell parents about grades, events, and schedule changes for the next day.
8:15 P.M.: Get straight to bed! I need to have a set bedtime so I can get an adiquit amount of rest. With this deadline, I can make certain that that happens. I can now make certain that as a freshmen, I can have a fresh start, a headstart in high school.

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Re: As we all go back to school, I would like to share my story about starting over.


Re:As we all go back to school, I would like to share my story about starting over.

Don't be mean. She just wants to tell you a story about her life because she feels that it might interest you.

Re:As we all go back to school, I would like to share my story about starting over.

The point of what?

Re:As we all go back to school, I would like to share my story about starting over.

okay..... right..... what's the point of this?

Re:As we all go back to school, I would like to share my story about starting over.

What grade are you in? I'm a senior in high school.

Re:As we all go back to school, I would like to share my story about starting over.

um, I see some Kansas leerix in here.

Re:As we all go back to school, I would like to share my story about starting over.

Thank You!

Re:As we all go back to school, I would like to share my story about starting over.


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