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whats having a guide dog like?

so ive always wondered whats it like to have a guide dog. like how do they let you know whats in front of you or if theres a curb or a sidewalk or stairs? i have a cane, just learned how to use it last year, and i dont trust myself with it at all, im always thinking in my head espeicely when im out at night is there a curb? am i gonna miss a step? am i gonna fall? im so afraid to go out when its dark with my friends cuz i cant see at all night and yes they know this and help me sometimes but i dont want to have to have them help me all the time, that cant be fun for them, and i hate feeling like i bother them or am a burden. so whats having a guide dog like? is it easier than a cane? easier to trust? if that makes any sense at all

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Re:whats having a guide dog like?

Wow, that's quite a while.

Re:whats having a guide dog like?

it takes 6 months to a year for a dog/person team to become fully trusting of one another.

Re:whats having a guide dog like?

How long did it take for you to trust Kylee?

Re:whats having a guide dog like?

there is the cleaning up part, but it's really not that bad, u just put a bag over ur hand. other then that, my personal opinion is that having a dog is great.Rachel's right though, you have to at least look like you're good at using the cane. I hated using mine, but the thought of getting a gog pushed me hard enough to become good at using it. I have few friends so I personally don't mind give Kylee enough love and care. Dogs don't insult you, judge you, or make snide remarks like people do, and all they ask in return is that you take care of their physical needs and love them. as for how it feels to walk with a dog it takes a bit of time to get used to. at first, it's really acquard, just because it's so different from the cane. but it only took me three weeks or less to prefer it. Kylee is a living, breathing being who thinks that I'm perfect to matter what I do. I could never go back to the cane. No matter what anyone says, it's your choice. and it is a lot of work.

Re:whats having a guide dog like?

For now, I have decided to wait on getting a guide dog. I think I will do perfecd2= fine with the cane and with a cane, you don't have to clean up after it. I have extremely good cane skills so I'm not afraid to travel with a cane.

Re:whats having a guide dog like?

First of all, you got to have good cane skills from what I understand to be able to have a guidedog. You have to travel well and do well outside. So, do that first before you think of a guidedog. Also, a guidedog requires a lot of care and attention.

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