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Blind Awareness Month

Oct. is Blindness Awareness Month! Yay!
And for my speech class I chose to do Blindness as my topic!

Even though I am legally blind I do not know what a lot of the stuff is called. If you have anything you think would be important to say feel free to tell me.
I feel it would be better to get info from those who are blind.
Anything other than screen reader/zoom text that you use for the internet?
how does braille work on the internet?

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Re:Blind Awareness Month

On a BrailleNote, you have to get an ethernet card, which the school district should give you, then insert it in to the back of the braillenote and it lets you online. The only bad thing is I can't access videos.

Re:Blind Awareness Month

How does the braillenote work?
How are you able to access the web with it?

Cool! I will have to check that out Joe!

Re:Blind Awareness Month

It is also National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Check it out!

Re:Blind Awareness Month

I prefer to use braille on the internet rather than a screenreader. I use the BrailleNote.

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