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here is the depressing news...

hi everyone.

i hope everyone is doing allright. i have some disturbing news about my eye condition. they thought that an eye removal (enucleation) would fix the pain. now, i find out that it's 90% likely that it's a nurve disorder manifesting itself in my eyes. long story short, there is no cure whatsoever for this.

i'm unsure of how to proseed with my life undere these sircomstances. most of the time i'm nonfunctional and unable to go to school, or much of anything else. i managed to stave off depression with the hopes that enucleation would stop the pain. howeve, i no longer have the lugsery of that hope.

in a few weeks i'm seeing a neurologist, but i don't know what they can do.


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Re: here is the depressing news...


Re:here is the depressing news...

I am so sorry. That sounds like a lot to deel with. Just have hope that you will find the cure, the answer, and just know that we will all be here for you.

Re:here is the depressing news...

I know you'll get through it just fine.

Re:here is the depressing news...

i want your mppinions. i personally think we should take an eye out to just see if it stops hurting. if it does, we know how to proseed, if not, we return to the hopeless. my mother is much more atached to my eyes then i am and is worried about how i will respond. admittedly i'm sure it'll be difficult and that i'll need help to work threw it, but i can. what do you think?

Re:here is the depressing news...

I'm so sorry that this has happened. I'll be praying for you. Perhaps that's not the worst part. You better hope they don't take Kylee away from you since you are becoming disfunctional.

Re:here is the depressing news...


I am so sorry, that is a lot to deal with, and you have already dealt with a lot. You are so passionate about science. I don't want you to stop or lose that passion.

There is not much we can say.

We will all be here for you!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:here is the depressing news...

oh my gosh im sorry! my brother had a similar situation last year he had a severe migraine from november until may and spent 8 weeks in the hospital. he was literlly unable to function or move. it was horrilbe but in the end we finally found a doctor that knew what it was and how to fix it, it was his nerves in the back of his head and they did nerve surgery and hes totally fine now, no pain! so hold in there! they may find something dont give up! you just gotta find that one awesome doctor that wont leave you or stop until they find something to help you (thats what we did, my brothers doctor was amazing once we finally foun one that refused to give up on him)

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