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Tips for Utilizing Message Boards

AFB Message Board Safety Tips

The American Foundation for the Blind offers free use of the AFB series of message boards, but asks users to follow the terms outlined in the section labeled Terms and Conditions. As you use AFB's message boards or any other message board, you should follow some simple tips to protect yourself. The message boards are monitored, but there is not verification process. You should use caution when using the message boards. Below are some smart tips on utilizing AFB's message boards. These tips may apply to other message boards that you utilize.

Tip Sheet: Using Message Boards

• The message boards are a great tool and allow users to share advice, stories, and advice with others experiencing vision loss personally or through family members.
• Read AFB's Terms and Conditions of use.
• Use an alias username that does not relate to your fullname, email address, or phone number.
• Use a password that you do not use with another account with viable information such as your bank or personal email.
• Passwords utilizing letters and numbers is recommended.
• Remember to close out your internet browser when completing your online session, especially if you are using a public computer such as in a school or library.
• Persons can easily misrepresent themselves to you.
• There is a lot of information that is incorrect on the internet, do not take everything as fact.
• Control or limit the information that you release on these pages
• When posting comments or information, realize that this information is being posted on a public forum.
• It is advised that you do not share your phone number, email address, screen names for other services or sites, or your full name.
• You have the ability to report users or content that is posted on AFB's message boards to the administrator at (insert email address or link to message board for comments to AFB)
• You can report users who are acting inappropriately or harassing you.
• As you become more comfortable with using the message boards and the other users on it. Be cautious, do not give out your personal information!
• Keep your posts and comments appropriate, respect the other users and their beliefs. AFB reserves the right to remove content and restricts user's access.
• Have fun and put the message boards to good use!
• Ultimately, your privacy and safety is up to you!

Great Resource: Check out, a website that has detailed internet and social networking tips for children, parents, and families. These tips truly apply to all.

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Re: Tips for Utilizing Message Boards


Re:Tips for Utilizing Message Boards

You all have become a lot better about giving out your personal information on here, we appreciate, but really appreciate that you are working to protect yourselves.

Thank you for being understanding and safe when using the internet, I hope these suggestions are heeded on other sites as well. You all are great users and we appreciate it.

Feel better Sarah!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:Tips for Utilizing Message Boards

I'm sick of life. I'm depressed, I feel like I'm going to have an anxiety attack.

Re:Tips for Utilizing Message Boards

Joe S thanks for the safety tips. I follow rules on web-sites, I've given out my Skype username before and I appologize. An AFB username added me as a friend on Skype. I just wanted to make new friends on Skype is all. But remember, there is a blocking feature for Skype.

Re:Tips for Utilizing Message Boards

Cool. Is there any message boards for people 18 and older?

Re:Tips for Utilizing Message Boards

Nope, but one of the other users was asking why we keep this message board so clean. For the fact that persons under 18 or around that age are specifically the target audience. We feel it is important to make sure this is a safe place. These tips that can be used on all message boards. Take and utilize these.

We just are looking out for you! Trying our best to do that, but a lot is up to you. Thank you for understanding and for asking the question.

I hope you have a great Sunday.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:Tips for Utilizing Message Boards

Why are you posting this? Are we in trouble?

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