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I'm so stressed out!

I'm so stressed out now! I'm behind on school, I was supposed to be on deploma track since nine grade. It's math that is really stressing me out! And I was put n deploma track this year, and look at me now. I am so behind. My teacher wants to know if I wanna be sent to a regular math class but I don't even know if I should go for it because I'm very slow and I have a lot of trouble and require a lot of assistants. I'm sick of life. Wish I could just die! I need some advice!

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Re: I'm so stressed out!

I was at Dpi.

Re:I'm so stressed out!

Why? What happend to your internet? And how are you posting on the message bord.

Re:I'm so stressed out!

I'm very stressed out. I don't have internet at home.

Re:I'm so stressed out!

Yeah I hate it when your mind goes completely blank and you know it freezes, meaning the information is there but it just doesn't come out. I am okay with taking science class though. I've allways been interested in science, and computers.

Re:I'm so stressed out!

That is a great idea, revising and updating your IEP (Individual Education Plan or Program). Make sure that you participate in it and express your thoughts and opinions. This is the plan for your year and to help you reach your goals. You should have buy into this plan to truly make it "yours."

I know it will work out, we all have tough times. I can tell you that I had some tough times. I was in a more advanced math class and had to drop down, just was keeping up. I have a learning disability, in addition to my visual impairment. It used to take me a lot more time to grasp things and I had hard time bringing back information after I learned it. It was a recall thing. I could study for hours and know the info and then it was hard to bring it back. But, the move to the other math clas made a huge difference for me.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:I'm so stressed out!

Well i did talk to my parents and they wanna have an IP with the school. My aid is gonna speak with the teacher to figure out some solutions to help me understand math better. At least I don't get a bunch of math homework like I did when I was in elementry school. So how's everyone doing today?

Re:I'm so stressed out!

Math is difficult and it is even more difficult when you are visually impaired. I would explore all the options in front of you. Have you worked with a teacher of the visually impaired to help with adaptive methods or tools to access the info? Have you tried extra help after school or before school. I know I had to go to extra help before school to really get certain concepts.

I bet this has to be very frustrating. Have you spoke to your parents about the issues you are facing?

There are a lot of tools out there specific to help learning the math concepts. (American Printing House), offers these tools to schools under Federal Quota funds specifically alloted to help provide you with the tools needed for the success of your learning. They can use these funds with APH which is quite great.

These are just some thoughts, as I do not know your whole situation. I am just trying to help.

(Remember, many people have a hard time with math, not specific to visual impairment sometimes)


Re:I'm so stressed out!

Science I do feel safe going to because it's really interesting

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