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I need some advice.

Hi, it's Elizabeth.
I need some advice about my appitite. If I eat breakfast, I'm not hungry for lunch scence it is so early. Like if I ate breakfast at 6:00, I will not want to eat a thing. But i have the appitite for lunch and dinner if I don't eat breakfast. I am thinking about maybe starting to skip breakfast more because of theese issues. If this continues, I will begin loosing weight drasticly. I don't want to get up everyday at about 3:00 just to eat breakfast. Please comment if you have advice or you have related issues like that. Have a nice day.

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Re: I need some advice.

I'm the pickiest eater ever.

Re:I need some advice.

Why don't you try eating small snacks through out the day
like for breakfast have a protein bar or milk shake,or a pop tart some thing like that.
Thats what i often do
Also on the angle of not eating to loose weight it actually could put more on because our bodies go in to starvation mode when they realize we miss a meal which as long as you get your daily calorie count in you will probably loose weight.
The calorie count is my main problem at school i can't eat lunch due to a temperamental stomach.
But if you try small snacks you will most likely be hungry for dinner
hope that gives you some ideas

Re:I need some advice.

Exact same situation.

Re:I need some advice.


Re:I need some advice.

I can't eat lunch at school because of my eating issues. I'm not losing weight though.

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