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Hi all
I've got good news and bad news
good news
I got my LAPTOP!!!!!! =)
I've been using it in class a great deal now.
I went to the eye doc a few weeks ago.
He didn't see the pituitary lesion what he could tell so
so far so good.
Unfortunately we found out that my vision got worse since the last visit. i believe he said it was 20/2100 something like that.
But things seem to be looking up anyways after the school gets my eye report they might actually put some assistive tech on my ancient computer i use in scivis. So i can actually see what i'm doing on it and courses at hadley will start soon as well too with luck we will actually get me a vision teacher at the school.
The only thing bothering me right now is i have a few teachers that when i tell them i can't see some thing they just look at me like i'm crazy. Which makes things difficult to bring myself to tell them because i don't want to be looked at like that
Any ideas? recently i lost the ability to even remotely see the board and i end up just copying off of a friends notes later or by sound please i'd appreciate it

Ps the new building they were building is almost ready to move in
Also the construction workers weren't marking their holes so i've nearly fell in to a couple but they've been doing it lately
The other week i had the thought in mind to sneak up behind the supervisor and knock on his helmet and tell him to mark their holes
Currently i'm going to hold on to the thought and save it for later since they are doing better

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Re: Update

Lindsay, I was reading through the comments and noticed that you where getting a dog back then. Was Maggie supposed to be a guide dog or pet?

Re: Update

All mi Iep's were like that. Don't get your hopes up.


great news we are going to do an IEP meeting this Wednesday and it sounds like its going to be big they are having the county's VI and social worker attend .


yes and i love it i always have my assignment up on one half of the screen and my fun projects on the other side. so much multitasking


Oh cool does your laptop run Windows7?


Thanks all
I was suppose to have an IEP meeting after the first ten days but i guess my EC teacher forgot.
Which i've been trying to inform them the best i can my bigest problem is explaining it in Biology. any ideas there
We've (i and my mom)been thinking about going to our local school for the blind to see what they could do to help.

As far as Maggie there has been a few set backs the hard parts getting there since its a four hour drive from our humble old town of Pleasant Garden to Newton
We are hopfully are going to get there during break



When are you getting your dog?



I hear you on the not marking holes and such. You might want to politely bring that one up with the school. That could be a real hazzard for you and others. People don't have to be visually impaired to trip, fall, and step in a hole. That might be something that could be brough up. This could be a time to practice some positive advocacy. Advocate and ask them if they could make sure the construction workers make an effort to makr those areas well.

I know we all have had issues with this before.

You seem to be handling it well. I liked your comment about knocking on the supervisors helmet, quite funny.

Good luck!

Joe S.
AFB Staff


I know how you feel. Teachers don't talk to me like I'm dumb, but kids used to. They would yell in my ear and talk real slow as if I was deaf or mentally disabled.


Have you tried setting up a time to meet with your teachers, one on one, if you feel comfortable.

Maybe you can explain to them about your vision, what you see and what you don't see. (as best possible)

Being able to explain this is a really important skills for the future. Put it in practical terms.

If you need suggestions and ideas, just post and I will try my best to help.

Joe S.
AFB Staff


i hate it when teachers do that. i've got one who thinks that because i'm blind, i'm also dumb. she talks to me at about a word per minute, loudly. anyways, heres what i did/do. quite a few teachers either can't rap their closed little minds around blindness, or think that a blind person should not be in public schools. either way telling them like you have obviously doesn't work. honestly, congrats on being a "good self advicit" which is something my teachers are quite annoyed at. but obviously it's not working. probably the best way to proceed now is to have an adult, prents, do something about it. they unfortunately usually have a little more weight as far as getting what a student needs then the students themselves. as far as what to do about not being able to read the bord, here are som suggestions.
1. get the teacher to read it allowed
2. get the thacher to give you a large print copy of whatever is on the bord that day, or that week.
hope this helps you out

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