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thanksgiving and surgery

im soo excited!!! i have school this week and monday and tuesday of next week, then i get to go home (im in college) for thanksgiving break!! im so ready for a break but next wed, which is the day after i get out, im having surgery on my bad eye, its a cataract surgery but they say its gonna be complicated and messy so there putting me to sleep (usually they dont for cataract stuff) and there gonna dehydrate me for it too. kinda nervous. and its the day before thanksgiving! i dont like that but it cant wait.
what are ya'll doin for thanksgiving break?

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Re: thanksgiving and surgery

Why would he put it in his drink?

Re:thanksgiving and surgery

I wish you the best of luck with your surgery and i hope you'll get to enjoy that thanks giving feast the next day
as for me my plans are to humble the life time tradition of going to my cousin's for dinner. mmm ham i can taste it now. and have some laughs and see what measures my cousins will go to to put macaroni on my cousins plate. last year he put it in his drink. Then we would probably play rock band. Its always a fun challenge

Re:thanksgiving and surgery

Thanks I will! I'll have lots of fun in Florida!

Re:thanksgiving and surgery

We will be sending positive thoughts and vibes for you and your surgery! Enjoy the break, I know we all look forward to having time off.

Enjoy the vacation!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:thanksgiving and surgery

Going on vacation to Florida.

Re:thanksgiving and surgery

I hope your surgery goes smoothly, as for thanksgiving, whatever I can to get away from my deranged family.

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