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Yay! Great News!

I found out last week my first O&M lesson will be on Friday! :-D
I am so excited! A little nervous, but ready to start!
I will let you all know how it goes. :)
She may b able to help me with Braille. :)

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Re: Yay! Great News!

It was the same until the end.

Re:Yay! Great News!

I have a folding cane, so I put ponytail holders on it, and for Christmas i put green and red silly bands above the joints :)
I am not sure which can i like best i have a 52in and a 50in, i started out with 52in because that was the shortest one the instructor had with her at the time, i am not sure which i like better lol.
all of my lessons ha ve gone well, I have been blindfolded for most of them, last time i was blindfolded for almost an hour! the lessons are fun! :)
I am not sure how i will decorate my cane for new years.
I also signed up for some Hadley courses to learn braille. :)

hope everyone is doing well!

Re:Yay! Great News!

Im in middle school now so i just started too. i have a white cane now but i will get a guide dog later!!

Re:Yay! Great News!

Yay i started in elm. school. its a lot of fun!

Re:Yay! Great News!

Hey Sarah, how's school. Make any new friends yet? Or is it still the same.

Re:Yay! Great News!

Have fun.

Re:Yay! Great News!

I have seen people decorate their cane for holidays and to match outfits even. I have seen girls with different color handles by using colored grip tape.

I have seen battery powered christmas lights on a cane, also like something hanging from the chord.

But, the coloring and design of a cane is very specific, one purpose is to let people know that you are visually impaired when traveling. Persons cars will see the cane become more aware of you when driving. There is also the "white cane law" which is in most states now. This is specifice to the design of the white cane.

White canes are also reflective, so when head lights hit them with their light, they reflect.

IF you decorate your cane, do so temporarily and not while traveling on the street. Decorating it could also add weight to the cane, it takes timeto get used to the weight of it in general.

Just some thoughts for you.

Good luck!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:Yay! Great News!

Thank you!
Yes i am learning how to use a cane. Idk how long it will be (lessons) or how many or how in depth the lessons will be.
Only a few more hours!
So excited!
Does anyone decorate their canes? Like during christmas time?

Re:Yay! Great News!

hey are u learning a cane? i had my first oandm lesson last year when i learned the cane, it wasnt very long or in depth or anything though, just basics.

Re:Yay! Great News!

Congratulations! Hope you enjoy your first O&M lesson.

Re:Yay! Great News!

awesome i wish you the best of luck

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