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It's Hard to Look at a Significant Other?

I am blind from one eye and I have a boyfriend, who I really really do care about. I just get nervous when it gets to starring into each others eyes. I feel like I wont covvey to hi, how much he means to me. And since that eye is "lazy" I also don't want him to feel like i'm not looking at him. Anyone else in this situation? How do you deal with it? I should probably also add that he doesn't know about my condition because I function normally, it's just this impairment.

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Re: It's Hard to Look at a Significant Other?

I hope he understands, good luck.

Sarah and Wizard

Re:It's Hard to Look at a Significant Other?

It is not too uncommon for visually impaired to have to practice eye contact, but it becomes a normal thing after a while. No stress, it isn't a stupid thing. It is much more common for persons who lost all or most of their vision at a very young age. Hope that makes sense. People try to look towards the voice speaking and you want to aim above that, even a bit above the eyes, unless this is for a more initimate type conversation. If you stare at people straight in the eyes for a longer period, it becomes uncomfortable or more about power. Also could be seen as a little strange. Most sighted people look towards the forehead area when speaking to someone. But, for those moments with a loved one, you may want to practice look towards there eyes. There are some other ways to do that, by lining up with with their shoulders, by a simple touch of the shoulder or arm to assess their posture.

Good luck and I am sure they understand anyway.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:It's Hard to Look at a Significant Other?

I think it's stupid that you have to remember eye contact. Tell him that you can't exactly look in to his eyes because of your eye. I'm sure he will understand. Have fun and take care,

Re:It's Hard to Look at a Significant Other?

He shouldn't care if you're looking at him or not. Tell him about your eye.

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