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i got lost lol

hi everybody
so i was wondering does anyone else have this problem? today i had to meet one of my profesors to talk about my accommodations but i had no clue where her office was and coulnt see very well in the building, i ended up on accident interupting 2 teachers talking (i guess i rly did look lost) and they told me where to go but when i had to find the room number i had to get rly close to the doors to read the numbers and felt like an idiot. anybody else have this issue? lol

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Re: i got lost lol

I got lost one time walking with Wizard.

Re:i got lost lol

That happens to me often first day of the semester i got so confused. first i had to go to my first semester home room easy right wrong they moved her class room to the new building i had to ask for help to find it. When i first got directions i would of gone to the wrong building if they hadn't of said new annex. i had no idea what my teachers sounded like and i was trying to find their rooms on a crowded hallway ugh. i got lucky and found it. I also found out that same day that one of the doors i was confused about goes to the same classroom. Now i can walk my route in my sleep. Another experience i had was on the same hall way as one of my classes only at the opposite end if i remember right it was room 108 on the front hall. Thats the busiest hallway and the traffic flow went right in front of the room. one time i completely passed it. another i was so overwhelmed that i needed help to get in.
But i got better once i learned the route.
I wish you luck

Re:i got lost lol

It happens!

I had it happen once in college and I know sighted persons who that has happened to, as well.

But, you will need to work on learning where there offices are. I would make an effort to visit them during offices hours regularly, or at least once in a while.

But, it definitely happens.

Good luck!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:i got lost lol

I don't have that issue.

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