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mack or pc

hey i am a totally blind person. i dont hav an ounce of vission and i was wondering if witch is better mac or pc ???

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Re: mack or pc

Hi, just seen this as I was interested to see what people think. I'm a pc user and have always been, at school, win 7 is in use but as soon as I come home I jump straight back onto windows 10 and don't regret it. Mac is complicated and if you want to use a computer to just get on with what you want to do then pc is easily the best for you. Software is also released quicker on pc and you get way more security patches from |Microsoft. Monthly on win 10. So yeah, pc all the way.

Re: mack or pc Attn: Garcepr

A question for Garcepr or anyone else who can answer it. When you say "on the PC you can only use the keyboard with jaws and thus it takes longer sometimes to complete the needed tasks where as on the mac you can use the trackpad as a mouse" is this because you have a pic and not a windows laptop. Would a Windows laptop not be able to do the same thing?"

Re: mack or pc

I've only used a Pc before, but I think a Mac would be way better. VoiceOver is already installed.

Re:mack or pc

I'm a totally blind user of both PC and the Mac. At first it took some time to really figure out the mac, but now its pretty intuitive. I would be flat out lying if I said mac is so easy on the first try, no, not really folks; it does take some getting used to the different settings . On top of the different way it is set up, the cursor is different on the mac than on the PC. on the PC the cursor is to the right of the text, but on the mac the cursor is between the 2 letters. for instance, if you spelled mac the cursor on windows is to the right of the letter c and on the mac the cursor is between the a and c. In windows jaws would be saying m a c every time you arrow to the left or right which is more accurate when proofreading. On the mac, the cursor is between the letters which makes it confusing and you then end up deleting the wrong letter, but you can set the cursor to work like windows under the preferences for voiceover. It took me a while to figure the settings but I can now do that with no problem. The advantage of owning the mac is the cost effective solution and the in person technical support you receive with added training at there centers whereas windows you have to sometimes send out parts of a computer and if you need tech support you have to wait a long time especially if you have to deal with jaws and it's flukes. besides the in person tech support and servicing of parts between both PC and mac, on the PC you can only use the keyboard with jaws and thus it takes longer sometimes to complete the needed tasks where as on the mac you can use the trackpad as a mouse and you can actually press on any part of the trackpad and it will read the text on the screen. + navigation with the trackpad is faster and more so if you use the keyboard in addition to the mac. Voice over has cool voices and are more up to date whereas jaws have the monotone robotic voices which makes me personally want to fall asleep when reading tedious amounts of documents as a college students. I love alex because his voice is a lot more humanlike and has a variety of expression. In that case I would just say that you have to decide on what you feel more comfortable. But me personally after the mac i'm not looking back except when I work at an office using a PC but for personal use, that's a different story.

Re:mack or pc

Oh and wingman:
Jaws and Zoomtext are NOT on the mack! LOL, you should really get your facts straight.
First of all, the screen reader for the mack is called Voiceover. Sounds a lot better than Jaws, LOL.
Magnifier is called Zoom.
Programs for the mack are pretty good, and you can usually find a program for everything, but for the programs you can't find, you can always get the mack program that lets you run windows inside mack. Yes, you'll be getting "The best of both worlds" with a mack.

Oh, and about Jaws...
Sometimes scripts don't work

Some of their little detection methods for USB braille displays don't work
eloquence is like 20 years old and really needs to be replaced
costs way too much

advantages of voiceover

is built right in to the mack
has plenty of human or synthetic voices to choose from
usually doesn't crash, most programs don't crash on a mack anyways
doesn't really need scripts to be installed to work with many, many programs
automatically detects braille displays without even needing a driver for them
a simple command, "command+f5" opens it
can be used in the mack installer!

Re:mack or pc

Well, I think the mack is so much better than the PC. For one, you can run windows on it. But, can you run mack in a PC? No! The mack has a fully functional screen reader and magnifier with full support for braille displays right out of the box, for free! With windows, you have to buy a 1099 or 700 dollar screen reader that may not work with what software you might need to use. Mack has a load of awesome, understandable voices. Windows XP has a depressed man and Vista has a psycho! LOL. Mack only costs around 400 dollars, where as my HP desktop costs around 700 dollarThink about it. Apple makes the iPod, which has found its way into the blind community. The best we can do to repay them for making such a good product as the iPod is to at least try the mack.s.

Re:mack or pc

That's right. Plus a PC costs way less then a Mac.

Re:mack or pc

That's right. PC verses Mac, PC wins. Ansd they are less expensive

Re:mack or pc

Christopher is right. the PC is one of the most accessible. The Mac has a lot of graphics but you have to wait yearsss before a new software comes out on it. PC is the one that things are usually released on first. One reason for that is Mac has a different coding in the command prompt. One advantage to the mac is you won't find many bugs mainly but theri is very few Mac compatible screen readers. I think it was around this year when Zoomtext and JAWS got available to the mac.
so to end i leave you with a little tv commercial humor
I'm a PC and Windows especially Windows 7 rocks

Re:mack or pc

Hello, I know by my username you can tell that I use a PC. I run Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. I think you're better off with a PC. I'll tell you why. They are fast, and a lot of programs are compatiable with them. If you are planning on
getting a PC, get Windows 7. It's fast, reliable, and easy to use. For your screen reader, get NVDA. It's free and works really good with Windows 7. Just make sure you use a good antivirus program like Avast Antivirus Free, it's accessible, and you can use either the Windows Firewall for firewall protection for you can use one called Private Firewall. It's free and is also accessible. Thanks
Hope this helps

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