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what games r both good and accessible???

hey im totally blind. i need games that r both good and accessible! im goin crazy without good accessibel games! is there any good and accessible games??? if so can u tell me them??? if so that would b great thanks

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Re: what games r both good and accessible???

Introduce to them those physics games at they are good for strategical aspects and mind boosting.

Re: what games r both good and accessible???

Hey Choirgirl
When it comes to accessible games, I'm pretty much the person to talk to. I have been playing audio and text games since I was seven, and I really love them even now. If you are using a computer to post this and/or prefer to game on a PC, head over to
They've got hundreds of game listings for you to try out as well as a forum for you to talk about them on. If audio isn't your style, and you're looking for some fun text games, give this website a visit
It has over a thousand games listed on it. If you don't know what a mud is, it's like an interactive fiction game, but it's played on the internet and in realtime rather than in turns or moves. You will need a mud client to access them though. I could give you some links to some nice ones if you like. If you've got any questions, please ask away.
Oh, and I realize this post is over two years old and I'm sorry. I was just bored haha. I have a suggestion for the admins. For situations like this when old topics are being posted in, I think they should be moved to the top of the thread list but retain their origional date label. That way people could post in old threads and other members would have some indication that they were posted in. Perhaps even a last posted in label would be nice.

Re: what games r both good and accessible???

Go to

Re:what games r both good and accessible???

hi! welcome back! it's been a while. ok, look up text adventure for the blind or something like that on google. or go to the humanware site and see if there's anything. oh, by the way, how's the apex? i've heard it sucks, and that it's amazing. i'm considering getting one so i'd like to know if it's worth it. :) i'm glad to see you back here.


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