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Braille Note help.

Hello, I recently got a Braille Note Apex, and I have a few questions that I need help with.
First, does anyone know how to download the maps for the gps?
Second, does anyone know how to disconnect from a wireless internet source?
Finally, does anyone know how to register with the Sendero Gps to activate the full verssion?
If anyone here know these answers too these questions, I would appreciate it.

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Re: Braille Note help.

Yeah mine does th same thing, it only goes to 95%.

Re:Braille Note help.

first of all, why on earth are you using the Gps on the bn? It's crap. It's a pile of junk that is not worth using. the last time I tried using it it was hilariously incorrect and we were following the manual to the T. and a few people agree with us about the incredibly bad quality of it.

If you insist on using the gps though, try calling them up and setting your gps right again, but it sounds like you deleted that and a few things off your Bn which means there's no other way around it and you must reinstall it.

Your battery is another issue. don't charge it inconsistently. only charge it when it needs to. It sounds like your battery is in a bad need of recalibration. drain the thing so it's dead then when it's dead plug it in to charge until it's full but also try using a recalibration mode. After you fix your gauge don't ruin it, only chage when necessary, don't charge it every night if it doesn't need charging or every time you can plug it in. It's tempting but don't do it. It will ruin your battery, and that's why it's not charging all the way.

Re:Braille Note help.

Hello, thanks for your reply. I appreciate very much, I know how to fix your problem, first your turn the braille note off, then I believe you press the enter key while flipping the power switch on, and it should be fix. I have a few other questions:
First, do any of you know how to disconnect to a wireless network when it says (active)?
Second, I messed up my braille note, by pressing dots 1-2-3 while resetting it and it ereased the dictionary, thourus,, and gps, do you know how to fix that without reinstalling the whole system?
Please I hope I can fix this problem without having to send it back. I would like to fix this problem before any other issues occur.
Please reply if you have the answers to these questions.

Re:Braille Note help.

Yes I do know how t use the scroll whell.
When you turn the wheel to the right it will to forwards wherever you are such as a media and so forth. And when you turn it to the left it will go backwards.
When you push the top of the wheel it will take you back to the Main Menu or back to a topic. When you push the bottom of the whell it goes into help whereever you are. When you push the right side of the wheel it goes to the bottom of the document, and push left it goes to the top of document.
I do encounter some freezing problem. Matter of fact, my Braillenote went into one-handed mode and I can't get out of it. So I call Humanware and they tuppose to get back with me today.

Re:Braille Note help.

Hello, thank you for your eeply. Though you didn't know much about the gps, I'm glad you told about the wireless internet question.
I have few other questions If you guys don't mind:
1. do any of you know how to use the scroll wheel effectively? Meaning how do you scroll arround inside a document, address list, and so on.
2. Do any of you incounter a chargin issue? Meaning that If you are charging the Braille Note for several hours it will knot be at 100%.
3. Do any of you also incounter a freezing problem? Such as, in a document, coppying a file, and such things.
If anyone here has the answers too these questions, please let me know by replying on here.

Re:Braille Note help.

I don't no how to do nothing that has to do with the GPS. But I think I no what you mean about the wireless connection.
If you want to delete the wireless connection. You have to go to options, push c, then scroll down to "review existing connections". Press enter, and the one you want to delete you press dots 2356 with the backspace. And it should say, "delete this record" press y.
And if you don't want the first connection that you come to. After you go to "review existing connections" and press enter, just push dots 56 with space. And that should take you through the connections that you have.
Let me know if that what you was asking about.

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