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Have a lot of pressure on me

Hey all
I currently have a lot of stress and pressure on me. Again, it's school issues. I'm trying to get caught up on my homework and school work and I just got my Apex BrailleNote and it doesn't have a slot for a PC Card or a Compact Flash Card and I seriously need to use that card because it has all my work on it and I have some uncompleted work and I cant finish it because I gave my old MPower to my tacher and, it's just too much. And tomorrow I start a training for the blind. It's a program where they teach you how to live on your own, they teach, computers, technoligy, medical stuff. I wanna learn how to do CPR and how to shock someone's heart
back to a normal rhythm, E.G, save lives. Plus all this school work, it's too much. I've been experiencing lots of headakes and I know what causes those.
Someone, please give me some advice. I need your help! Thanks,
Windows 7.

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Re: Have a lot of pressure on me

Hello windows7
Good luck with everything your going through if your still going through it that is. I've gone to a training program in my state for 5 years and I've loved it! Hope this helps.

Re: Have a lot of pressure on me

I would be nervous too.

Re:Have a lot of pressure on me

Thanks for the luck.

Re:Have a lot of pressure on me

The new ones have a voice that tell you what to do. The older units do not, but over the last 6 years, they have added the voice, maybe longer. I have seen people use old units or fake units that don't have the voice, but if they are real -- expect them to be be newer.

Good luck and no stress either way... Seriously! You will do fine!


Re:Have a lot of pressure on me

Thanks. You mean it has a voice that tells you what to do. That's cool. Well, this is my first time using one Lol.

Re:Have a lot of pressure on me

Don't stress, if it is the new version, it tells you what to do. It literally tells you what to do. It is pretty simple if that version.

And, it only shocks if it is right to go and needed. Pretty cool stuff. I have taken these classes and actually used to teach them a decade ago.

Seriously, you can do this!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:Have a lot of pressure on me

,I'm poasting this on my braile note apex. I'm kind of nervous to use the defibrillator on traing
tomoroow. That's the device that shocks the heart. I'm afraid I'm going to shock myself.

Re:Have a lot of pressure on me

Life can be stressful and I know school adds a lot of stress. It is tough if your technology is causing issues too.

Take on the most immediate issue.
Then take on the issues that you can finish in the shortest amount of time and with most ease.

There are tons of guides online about time management and stress relief or really stress management.

It never hurts to talk about it, talk to parents, guardians, or teachers (if appropriate). It is important to have people you can trust, schools often have counselors who may be able to listen to you.

Really, this is just one speed bump, you can do this!

We have your back!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:Have a lot of pressure on me

I know how you feel. Just try to relax and think about happy stuff like computers and roller coasters. Yo-'re lucky, I never got training like that. I've been waiting for years to go to that kind of program.

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