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Good news!

Hello, I have some great news about my braille note. I got the internet working again and fixed some of my other issues such as the missing software.
I still have a few questions, and I hope you guys can answer them. If so please leave a reply here.

1. My nemeth tutorial is knot coming up and the menu where it would say extention X is knot there and my gps is can knot be found for some reason when i press n it does knot do anything and the wierd thing is both the gps and nemeth tutorial folders are there in the flash disk. Can anyone help?

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Re: Good news!

No you don't have to buy the Oxfor Dictionaly and Thesaurus licence file.

Re:Good news!

I hate calling them, I got this guy from india who didn't know what he was talking about, and I had to wait an hour to talk to him to begin with, that is no exageration.

Re:Good news!

I wonder how you can obtain a license file for the Oxford Dictionary? Does anyone know if you have to buy that?

Re:Good news!

Have you tried calling Humanware. If not call 1-800-722-3393. And when you hear Technology Support press 2. And when you hear Braillenote Help press 3. And you should be connected to someone who could help you.
I love them they really understand and can help you.

Re:Good news!

The Gps has never worked on my BrailleNote.

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