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OMG, It's painful~

My throat is very pain. I viewed from, it's much like I got a strep throat!!! OMG!!!

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Re: OMG, It's painful~

Strep throat is a lot more serieus than you may think...

Re:OMG, It's painful~

1 of the most typical bacterial infections in children will be the strep throat infection. When they get infected it's not challenging to find out what precisely bothers them. The most effective thing is that you don’t need to stress relating to this infection due to the fact it doesn’t last for very long and might be cured really simply. Once your toddler begins complaining and you discover a number of the strep throat symptoms you should pay a visit to your health care provider.

Re:OMG, It's painful~

It could be a lot of things. Bronchitus is usually accompanied by coughing. I recomend seeing a doctor. If it is indeed strep it could get very serious.

Re:OMG, It's painful~

it could be bronchitis.

Re:OMG, It's painful~

I feel terrible too. Can't brathe.

Re:OMG, It's painful~

That stinks hope you feel better in the past 2 weeks I've had what seemed to have been strep turn into a sinus infection turn into the flu that wasn't covered by the shot
But I'm better now minus some vertigo left over

Re:OMG, It's painful~

I recommend seeing a doctor ASAP

Re:OMG, It's painful~

My throat hurts too.

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