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havent posted in a while

i havent posted in a while, so i thought id get on here and say hi! and im glad i got on cuz ive been stressing out all day with trying to read my tiny textbooks that takes me forever and found out my class on wednesday has been moved to a different classroom and that stresses me out!!! finding them is so hard cuz the certain building its in is wrather dark, i dont know how im gonna find it, but by loggin on here it reminded me im not alone with the vision problems :) so yeah just wanted to say hi!

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Re: havent posted in a while

Hello Everyone,
I think it's to late to post on here but I thought I would anyway. I've been having family issues as well. I'd post my e-mail on here but I know that it would get deleted. If anyone wants my e-mail look at my posts on water cooler because I've posted it on there.

Re:havent posted in a while

Yeah, I know what issues you're talking about. Hopefully it gets easier for you and you can learn to cope with the issues. I'm having family issues too, and it's hard to cope with all the stupid drama.

Re:havent posted in a while

Hi there,
It's nice to see you on ehre again, I know I haven't posted in here in a while either cuz I'm dealing with some issues that I will not talk about on here. LOL, but if you wanna know, email me, if you know my email, and if you didn't, I cannot give it out cuz I know they are gonna delete it,.

Re:havent posted in a while

It is an adjustment, I started out by reading along with the recordings of the text book and eventually moved to recorded speech. I hired readers for books I couldn't get recorded in time.

It is a tough adjustment, you can not read as fast when using magnification, so it will take a lot longer. Adjusting using speech for textbooks can be key to success in college. I am not saying it is impossible, I know people who did it, but you may want to mix it up. It puts a lot of strain on your eyes. Call RFB&D and talk to them, they are a great people. They will let you know how the process works and such. Check out as well.

I think it could make a difference.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:havent posted in a while

Yeah, is a great source. I get all my books from there.

Re:havent posted in a while

i do have a CCTV and a handheld cctv called a ruby, but i am still learning how to read with them especeilly witht he cctv and a textbook its really hard. last year my mom and i got me services with DARS the texas state thing for disabilty, they provided the cctv's. i do have an acount with RFB&D but ive never used it... i didnt get services/help until the end of last year and up until then i got very used to compensating but since i had all the surgeries thats harder to do and learning this stuff is taking a while, especielly reading textbooks and ive always been a visual learner so i get more out of it if i read it wrather than listing to it. gets frustrating sometimes

Re:havent posted in a while


Totally remember going through those issues back in school. You can always ask for assistance in finding a room or go early or when you have free time, so you can explore and learn where the rooms. You ask a friend to come along to help you explore, offer to buy them lunch or coffee or something.

The book thing: do you get your books in an alternative format? Do you have access to a CCTV or video magnifier?

College is tough, even tougher when you have an impairment, but it is training you for the real world. These are things we will have to deal with our whole lives. It will get easier as you learn the system and resources that you have access to. If you need help, let us know or we can talk about some resources that you can take advantage of.

Do you have access to RFB&D?

Have you spoken to the student disability resources center or person? They should know about resources available.

We are all here for you!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:havent posted in a while

Hi, it's good to see you on here again.

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