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Really cool ad-on for Firefox

Hey all
I'm not sure if you have ever heard of this really cool and amazing ad-on for Firefox, it's called Webvisum
It's really cool and useful for someone who cannot see or is visually impaired.
It improves web accessibility and it has automated captcha solving. I totally recommend installing Firefox and grabbing this ad-on if you want to stop relying on sighted assistance when a captcha appears.
Here is a link to get it. Note you must have Firefox installed, and you must use it to go to this link I'm about to provide. But before I do, make sure to sign up. You must have an account with them.
When you sign up, you need to email the team to give you an invatation code. Or, someone you know who is already with webvisum could give you one.
If there are any problems, let me know.
Best Regards
Windows 7.

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Re: Really cool ad-on for Firefox

I wish I had that!

Re:Really cool ad-on for Firefox

Wow! That is so neat. Actually my father is a computer engineer and actually knows a lot about that stuff.

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