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I got Lucky!

Hi everyone
Today at school there was a fight, andit was during passing period for lunch to be over. It was beetween this girl and this boy, but the boy wasn't from our school.
It took place in the same hall that I walk down to go to my sixth period class. To bad I had some work too make up in my sixth period that I went straight there before lunch started. I heard that people that was walking down the hall going to their sixth period, some of them got hit. This girl had to be carried away by one of the assistant principals. I still think it probably was over some drama.
Thank God that I didn't have to walk that hall during that time!

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Re:I got Lucky!

Yeah, that's a great idea!

Re:I got Lucky!

Well the best way to handle it is to tell a staff. Because you never know. It might save you from getting hurt or someone else. The last thing to do is take care of it yourself. Try and talk to the guy and maybe yall could work it out to where there want be a fight.

Re:I got Lucky!

I'm glad this thread got posted. I was going to post a new topic but this is perfect. Good that both of you are okay. Alright, here it goes. I was in the middle of some pretty serious stuff at my school which another girl and I were punished and nearly expelled for. From that moment on her boyfriend hated me. Some other things happened which ended in her breaking up with him. This guy does not make jokes or say anything without thinking through it. You make a joke or sarcastic comment and he looks at you like you just spoke another lnguage. He told one of his friends that he intended to kill or suveerly injur me. It's been deluted on it's way to me, so I don't know exactly what he said. Actually, I'm not even supposed to know. My chick-friend was told and swore she wouldn't tell me, but I got it out of her. If I tell anyone that I know then there will be huge fights between long-time friends. I've been warned by multiple people not to go anywhere near this guy, but when I ask why they evade the question. No one has told any of the staff. Instead they're choosing to try and protect me themselves. There are a few things running through my mind. First an unreasonable and paralyzing fear, I was so terified that I threw up once. Second, fury that they're trying to keep this so secret from me. And third1 a huge question. What if I bring this to light with the staff and it turns out to be nothing at all? Or the opposit, what if I say nothing and end up in the ER, or worse? What should I do?


Re:I got Lucky!

I'm so glad the 2 of you are safe. Believe me, school fights are loud.
Cuz they argue and probably hit each other DK. I've seen one, and almost went into it, but my assistant was with me when it happened so I was safe.

Re:I got Lucky!

I am glad you are both okay.

Be safe! Luck is a great thing to have on your side.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:I got Lucky!

I accidentally walked in to a knife fight and had no idea until later. Luckily, I didn't get hit.

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