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Well, Hello, Oops. i messed up the first time.

Hello, i am Nicole White. I am a lot older than you guys. I have read through a lot of your posts, and yes, I will be glad to be friends with anybody on thisboard. My email address is i have Classic Autism, talk about things repetatively, which i cannot help, and things along those lines. i can tell you lots of stories. Please don't take everything that I say so personally that you tell your parents and have them speak to me.

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Re:Well, Hello, Oops. i messed up the first time.

Hello Oicole, I think I also have autism. I talk about thing repeatedly and I can't help it, I listen tothe same music and shows over and over execessively, and I'm socially lost. If it's me and a person talking one on one, I'm fine usually, but if I'm in a room with lots of people, I don't know how to talk to people. My name is Sarah and I will be 19 in August. I'll be done with high school in 7 days.

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