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Texting on the Braillenote

Hi everyone. Does anyone know how to send text messages from their braillenote or email account to a phone?

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Re:Texting on the Braillenote

Must be nice. I'm lucky if I can access something other than this or Facebook.

Re:Texting on the Braillenote

I have mine hooked up with my IPhone but someone did it for me so I couldn't tell you how. Maybe if you called Humanware they could help you figure it out or at least tell you where you can find more information about it. Once you have it hooked up though, it makes things go so much faster and it's really easy to use.

Re:Texting on the Braillenote

I tried it but I couldn't hook up to the iphone. I did everything the user guide said but I couldn't do it.

Re:Texting on the Braillenote

Hello, sarah is right you can send, and control the i-phone by synicing it with your bluetooth on your braille note read it on the braille display. I've tried it and you basicly don't really need to i-phone at all unless you are going to do face time or call someone. Give it a try and i hope you have a good day.

Re:Texting on the Braillenote

You can do it if you hook your Apex up to a smart phone using Bluetooth.

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