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Wish me luck

I just herd from Hadley I only have to complete 4 units now. Anyways guess what my school is in BIGGGG trouble with both the state services for the blind and the Feds. They made a big booboo accusing me of faking my vision now they have to answer for it. I guess it's true what they say "What goes around comes around " my mom and I thought about pulling a little gag involving crow shaped cookies. Anyways I'll let you know what happens. Monday we are going to discuss some things with them and make some final decisions.
Which the main reason why I'm posting is that I'm announcing that I'm going to apply to Guide dogs for the blind this week. Wish me luck. I'm sure I'm going to need it.

Speaking of guide dogs Hey Sarah,
Have you heard anything from guide dogs of the desert?


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Re: Wish me luck


Sarah and Wizard

Re:Wish me luck

wow that's stupid and dumb

Re:Wish me luck

Believe me Rachel, it's happened to more than just her. It happened to me too, the teachers tried getting me to read a regular print- textbook because they said, "It didn't look like I was blind." Pathetic.

Re:Wish me luck

they, doubted your lack of vision? what the hell? that's really damn stupid and ignorant! how is that right?

but yeah, I am going to a private school and the cafe a separate company is refusing to give me good service just crossing my fingers and fighting strong.

Re:Wish me luck

i just finished the phone consultation with GDB i'm nervous i hope nothing will keep me from getting one

Re:Wish me luck

Finally I have gotten my welcome email from Bookshare

Re:Wish me luck

Don't worry Sarah I'm sure you'll get word soon what gdb just told me some application processes can take up to six months Please Keep me posted
Good luck

Re:Wish me luck

No Lindsay, I have not and I'm starting to get very worried. It shouldn't take this long.

Re:Wish me luck

I am so glad they are doing something about that whole situation, you should never had to deal with all of that. It is nothere place to question your vision -- as they are not doctors. Keep your head up!

Great to hear about the Hadley School for the Blind and that is working out so well. I am a huge fan of their courses and such. They are good friends of mine.

I laughed at your crow cookie idea -- funny.

Keep your head up!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

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