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Jaws Vs. NVDA

Hey i found this funny video on Youtube comparing screen readers.
Who will win in the wizarding battle of screen readers Jaws or NVDA

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Re: Jaws Vs. NVDA

Yeah but is RoiceOver better?

Re:Jaws Vs. NVDA

JAWS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re:Jaws Vs. NVDA

When I start my training, the instructor said I should use like they are using Jaws Version 12 on Windows Xp. He said Windows 7 and Vista suck with Jaws.

Re:Jaws Vs. NVDA

well that's ancient that's why you had trouble and it sucked yu shouldn't have anything older then 7 or 8 on a xp or that's what my friend was saying and don't even try five on a windows 7 computer. That sort of software isn't suited for new versions of the windows computers.

it's like using er.... windows 95 and saying it sucks. of course it does because it's old!

also, I had version 4.51 before I got my version tens.

Re:Jaws Vs. NVDA

My Jaws sucked because it was a version 5 or something.

Re:Jaws Vs. NVDA

well, I am primarily a jaws user and jaws works just fine with me, it's never sucked for me. I have 10 on this one and 12 on my other laptop. No complaints here. there's some accessibility issues with websites but they are technically the sites which are inaccessible to most screen readers anyway. I really enjoy jaws but I do find nvda useful and interesting. I am fascinated by most screen readers anyway. nvda isn't my favorite but it's useful and helps all the same

Re:Jaws Vs. NVDA

Not sure, you will have to ask my friend Chris, the computer/screen reader expert! lol Jaws sucked with my experience with it and I never got any training or anything.

Re:Jaws Vs. NVDA

yeah, i just found the vid entertaining they are both pretty good, unusual but entertainment

Re:Jaws Vs. NVDA

so, hang on why are wwe dueling anyway?I like both jaws and nvda quite well and is a user of both. I really think these screen reader hokey pokey wars are silly and stupid. We can all exist and be happy. They are very useful screen readers there are some things nvda can't do and jaws is very useful and vice versa.

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