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I am a dumb coward.

I feel like a stupid, no-good coward because I didn't jump as planned. My stomach started hurting like usual so I decided not to jump. My mom said it was a gut feeling, but my stomach feels like that all the time, like right now. I had butterflies because 2 skydivers died the night before I was supposed to jump, then the day I was supposed to jump, the weather wasn't very good, so that's the main reason I didn't jump. But now I regret this decision horribly.

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Re: I am a dumb coward.

It's taking too long.

sarah and Wizard

Re:I am a dumb coward.

Yeah, I need another chance to jump.

Re:I am a dumb coward.

They say that we should follow our gut and there is a book about fear -- it talks about fear being good at times, as there may be specific logical reasons why we feel that way. And, it goes on to say you should trust those feelings ati times. I would not call the book perfect, but it makes sense. It talks about being in unsafe areas and persons following you -- sometimes it pays to trust your sense of fear.

You probably made a smart decision, there will always be other attempts.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:I am a dumb coward.

Don't feel bad about it your NOT a coward In general that sounds like a smart decision

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