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i have bad luck with technology


How's everyone been lately? Anyways tonight i took my iphone in to get looked over due to it not holding a charge and had to send it off for repairs. After walking out of Bestbuy i started thinking about my past tech and i've found a pattern. Its almost like i've been hexed by someone or something anyways here's my list i devised:

Playstation - died after a month and got a new one
Playstation2- died and had to get a new one
acer laptop- internet explorer crashed
Mom's sony desktop- died
Wii- died and new one supplied four times and they all died
ipod- didn't work the first day, then it died and was replaced then it tried to catch on fire then replaced
2 dvd players- died
iphone- had since February sent off

What's your list look like if you have one.


ps: Hey Sarah what have you heard from Guide dogs of the desert?
I had a phone consolation with GDB a few weeks ago and awaiting them to contact me to do the home consultation part.

pss: Hey Joe,
I talked to my VI the other day she told me she'd teach me braille but she also told me that even if i got fluent enough in it i'd only really be able to use it for fun, because colleges aren't offering it or something is that true?

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Re: i have bad luck with technology

That must suck!

Sarah and Wizard

Re: i have bad luck with technology

Lets see here:
Headphones hate me.
Sapi5 is broken
Hmm, that's about it.

Re:i have bad luck with technology

Joe S. The propper term is braille display.

Re:i have bad luck with technology

I have a disorder in which I can't concentrate for long on listening to something. For example, when trying to listen to a movie, I listen for about 5 minutes, then I just space out and don't remember what happened.

Re:i have bad luck with technology

I don't know about not using in college.

I know individuals who use it through a refreshable braille screen from their computer to do a lot of editting. I also would say I know a lot of individuals who like to do their leisure reading in brialle. I would say in college, you will be using mostly speech. But, braille is important to know for practical reasons. I wouldn't say you have to be the fastest reader, just a practical and functional. Braille can be a great tool in your tool belt.

Some colleges have embossers to help braille tests and such, so the teacher is a bit in accurate. I know persons who read their tests in braille and type their answers or use a scribe for a bubble sheet test.

Keep plugging away!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:i have bad luck with technology

That hasn't happened to me yet.

Re:i have bad luck with technology

As long as there's wires I'll figure a way to mess it up I just messed up my cell charger and made the charge jack messed up. Not sure how but I do that, I tend to pull wires on headphones too.

Re:i have bad luck with technology

I understand completely how you feel. With my old Mpower it had to be sent back like 4 times a year because the braille display kept crashing. Haven't heard a word from Guide Dogs Of The Desert.

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