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Bookshare Help.

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well and is having a great week.

I have a question reguarding bookshare and unpacking a downloaded book.

I do the appropriate steps, but when it gets to the part when you need to enter your password, it gives me this error- unable to unpack book error code #9.

To make this short, I wam wondering If anyone has experienced this problem and If so please leave your comments here.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

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Re:Bookshare Help.

Paulina, here's what you have to do. Go to then when you get to software click that link and the first software item for BrailleNote Apex is Bookshare Hotfix. Download and install that and it should work. That's how I fixed the problem I was having.

Re:Bookshare Help.

When i was using one of the free downloaded readers i had that problem in fact it disabled my speech synthesizer so i'm using a web version till i find some thing that works.
Which my big problems have been with RFB&D

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