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RIP Steve Jobs

I'm really sad now because Steve Jobs died. For people who don't know, he was the CEO of Apple. He was such an amazing guy and did so many great things. I love that he worked so hard to improve accessibility for his Apple products. If it weren't for him, I would not have an Iphone or laptop that is so accessible. All his work has made things easier for me and many other visually impaired people. Most people don't understand the extent of the work that he did for this to happen, and I appreciate it so much!

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Re: RIP Steve Jobs

What kind of cancer did he have?

Sarah and Wizard

Re:RIP Steve Jobs

AFB did a blog post remembering him -- you can check it out at:

Very interesting man, totally agree.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:RIP Steve Jobs

And pixzar too, and next. but yeah, he's an interesting guy I've always been on a pc so I have no idea. haha!

Re:RIP Steve Jobs

It is sad, he has been battling cancer for a while. Apple continues to follow in the manner he started of centering around the user experience. This includes accessibility. I am with you! RIP Steve!

Re:RIP Steve Jobs

He had cancer

Re:RIP Steve Jobs

RIP Steve Jobs, that's horrible that he died hopefully they won't disgrace his memory at apple and will keep making improvements voice over is the best screen reader i have ever used in my life time it seems to actually think sometimes and being one to have a second generation ipod that didn't have accessibility settings i know how far he has gone in just a small period of time. I could picture that thing being able to read pictures one day

Re:RIP Steve Jobs

RIP Steve Jobs. How did he die?

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