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How do i use this thing!!!

Hi, at school they finally got me something to use on the computer.
They gave me JAWS my big problem is i have no clue whatsoever how to use it, i had to turn it off just to type here i can only navigate the desktop and MS word without a problem and the desktop i use my mouse so long story short could some one explain to me some of the navigation tools with JAWS so i can actually get some thing done

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Re: How do i use this thing!!!

I used version 12 at D.P.I.

Sarah and Wizard

Re:How do i use this thing!!!

That's good. But, version 9 is not good anymore. You need version 10 or 11. Even better would be version 12.

Re:How do i use this thing!!!

I think it's version 9 I'll have to check Monday
My vi when I asked about it said something about having to update it to fix the internet issues I don't know tho
So far i think I am getting the hang of it it has already helped ease the amount of migraines I get from the school computers

Re:How do i use this thing!!!

Some commands vary by version. To check, within the Jaws window, press the down arow to help me help you. Thanks. BTW, when you press the down arow in the Jaws window, it will read the version. Don't worry about the numbers after the decimal point. TTYL

Re:How do i use this thing!!!

I never got training in Jaws so you may just have to do like I did and google Jaws commands.

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