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New iPhone 4S with Siri

Hey Everyone!
I hope your school years are all starting off well! As for me, I am really enjoying my junior year of high school. I'm taking some interesting classes this year, Chemistry and Trigonometry. So far, I like both.

Now, as most of you may know, the new iPhone 4S came out on October 14th, They introduced a new feature on it called Siri, which is a new "personal assistant" for your phone. From the video I've seen, it is by far, THE BEST feature on it. In my opinion, it makes the iPhone more user friendly to people of the visually impaired. All one has to do is press and hold the home button until you hear the beep; Siri will say "how may I help you?" All you say is "send message to and then the message content and say send. You can even ask her to create reminders, calendar events, and even check the weather for you.
In the past, one would have to turn voice over on to use the phone. Now, the user can still use voice over, but can use the phone easier by just talking to it.

Please leave comments below, I'd love to hear what you all think about the new iPhone 4S and as well as Siri.


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Re: New iPhone 4S with Siri

The iPhone 4s is awesome!

Re: New iPhone 4S with Siri

I wish I had the iPhone 5.

Re:New iPhone 4S with Siri

I love it so handy

Re:New iPhone 4S with Siri

They are, bad business or not I got my info from a reliable source.

I think the price will be about the same as the rest

Re:New iPhone 4S with Siri

I don't think they're gonna come out with iPhone 5 that soon. They just released the 4s, so it'd be a really bad business decision.

Re:New iPhone 4S with Siri

How much will the Iphone 5 cost do you think?

Re:New iPhone 4S with Siri

My iPhone has Siri it's actually not too knew but it sounds like they made some improvements to it by the commercial, but as far as getting an iPhone I'd wait till I think it's Febuary anyways they are releasing the iPhone 5 and it has even cooler features than the 4s in general I'm more impressed by the 5

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