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I got a job

Hey all I just got a job at woods of terror I'm so excited my big issue is I don't know what I'll do on my part. I'm playing a person blinded by a virus, I'm thinking about playing an insane person cause I haven't the foggiest idea on how to scream or how to act histaracle
Any ideas?

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Re: I got a job


Sarah and Wizard


I think you got it, but also for tips for acting, put yourself in that role in that shoe and play as them. Let the emotions and the acting take over you, fall in to the role.

Re:I got a job

That is awesome glad you had fun! Congratulations!

Re:I got a job

Yeah it's a lot of fun I already can't wait till next year. I've met so many friends in a short time and scared a bunch of people. Our best night was on mischief night. My first night was in the rain. My second night I had a guy hit me on the head, that hurt, but it was fun all the same. My third night someone kicked me in the Shen that hurt too, but we spooked a lot of them and when a dude dared me to get out of the wheelchair I was in I jumped up and I sware I think he wet himself. Last night was a lot of fun but it was a little slow. In our section we had some of our BEST scares. We had them running out. On mischief night we terrorized some college kids from UNCG. We had this one person cowering at the entrance and had to coral her out.
They were very acomidating they made sure someone was with me and I had a sighted guide at all times. They made me truly feel like I didn't have a disability. There was also some deaf guys there one of them had a chainsaw and was terrorizing the bathrooms. One of my friends that played a zombie was so hilarious he had this glove that would make him sound like he broke his neck.
They were really good at telling me when people were coming. First I'd here the chainsaw from the Texas chainsaw massacre booth then I'd hear my friend that was in the section between us banging on I think a oil tin.they'd bang once for the people's arrival then however many people coming in.
Every night before it starts there's a parade of the actors and last night(Halloween) instead of the usual march in we did a conga line in. I heard someone almost killed one of Eddie's(the boss) snakes on the 29th.
This weekend we are having a blackout night which means no lights in the woods other than the single flashlight per section. It's going to be fun especially since I won't be the only blind one in the dark. It's sure will test my sighted guide's night vision.
What I hear I might have some fellow blind kids in the area working with me next year. It should be fun.

Ps. GDB contacted me the other week they told me something about they are processing my application.

Re:I got a job

Great, just ahve fun with it, sounds like you already have had some fun with it.



Re:I got a job

Just got back from my first day it's so much fun

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