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Hey been a while since ive been on here! its Jillian :)

hey everyone!
wow i havent been on here in a really long time. for anyone new on here, my name is Jillian, I have retinopathy of prematurity. complelty blind in my left eye. my "good" eye has some useable vision. I use a cane. I am now a sophmore in college. I live in texas.
okay sooo, my good eye, my right eye has had some rapid vision loss since october 5 of this year. the docs dont know whats going on, so this friday they are going to do surgery that could leave me totally blind. Ive lost so much vision all ready, its really scary. there are holes in words, i can only see the tops of words because of the way my viision is going, theres a blackspot that cuts off the bottom of words. school is extremly hard. I just got JAWS and MAGIC put on my computer. I used to use zoomtext but its not enough anymore.
anywasy hi to everyone!! :)) and welcome to anyone who is recently new on here

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Re: Hey been a while since ive been on here! its Jillian :)

I miss the zodane.

Sarah and Wizard

Re:Hey been a while since ive been on here! its Jillian :)

My jaws I have at school must really hate me it won't read anything on the internet
Ha ha

Re:Hey been a while since ive been on here! its Jillian :)

hey this is Rachel. or Rachel N on here. I am 19 live in california in the southern part but I go to a college in the north of california. I am a freshman in college or university whichever term you prefer really. I am a psychology major and hope to be a school counselor or work with mentallly challenged kids.

I am totally blind, have light perception, and has been totally blind since about seven, beforehand, my vision was really rather bad anyway.

I like playing games, reading, writing, debating, politics, thinking, talking to people, messaging, planning, organizing, leading, public speaking, collecting, studying, researching, and a bunch of other stuff.

So, that's me for new people or people who don't actuallly know me. I come on here when I am just that bored, can't focus and need something to do, or if the zone is down.

If you want to know more just please ask.

So, anyhow, losing your vision isn't all that bad, I am totally blind and manage just perfectly well. It's not that hard, you just need to adapt and learn to do it the blind way. It's just a little different it's not all that scary.

and, no jaws shouldn't have any trouble with the internet, graphics it can't read though.

Re:Hey been a while since ive been on here! its Jillian :)

Cool, I enjoy reading too.

Re:Hey been a while since ive been on here! its Jillian :)

Hi Jillian ThrillMonster and WIngman! I am not so new to the site, I come and read posts sometime. Usually come into the site when I don't want to feel like the only one who is experiencing with vision lost. Anyways I'm Olivia, sophmore in college and have deprivation amblyopia (lazy eye) in my right eye (blind). To make things worse I am borderline in my left eye from getting Glaucoma. I have an eye doctor appointment coming up, hopefully the pressure in my "good" eye is lower than what it was last time. I enjoy reading which tires my left eye more, but once I pick up a book I can't put it down xD I may not know you guys, but I hope all is well with your lifes :)

Re:Hey been a while since ive been on here! its Jillian :)

I'm sorry to hear about your rapil loss of vission. I hope it gest better for you.

Thrill Monster

Re:Hey been a while since ive been on here! its Jillian :)

Hi, Jillian
i understand what your going through. I hope other than the vision your doing alright. Since my 6th grade(11th grade now) year i had been loosing my vision quite rapidly since then i understand that i have lost close to 80% of my vision. School is real hard for me too especially math. I've had mostly read aloud in my classes and on worksheets i use my zoomreader app. It took forever before i could get them to even consider something and most of this semester with nothing but trial and error and a internet speech synthesizer. Now i have Jaws on my computer and its working great for me. I'm sorry Zoomtext doesn't work for you anymore it doesn't work for me either.This past June they were finally able to give me a diagnosis i have optic nerve atrophy. I hope they figure out your problem soon. How's Jaws working for you? For me it works well everywhere but the internet including graphics programs.

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