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Hey Guys!

Hi everyone! I haven't been on here in a while and I was just wondering whats up with all of you? Are you going to do anything interesting or read any good books lately? What are you going to do over the weekend?

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Re: Hey Guys!

Hey Guys,
I've never read thunder dog but I want to read it. since I just finished a project on 9-11.

Re: Hey Guys!

I've been working with Jizard.

Sarah and Wizard

Re:Hey Guys!

wow, that's horrifying and very tragic to the person who was mentioning that seven people was killed. but nothing that exciting happened here. It' just school, homework, more school, paperwork, lots of homework, school, playing games to not be stressed out, daily routeens, more homework, even more classes, and have I mentioned homework yet?

and, yeah, I really like ayn rand, and we have to read something for vocab words and so I've been reading The virtue of selfishness. It's really rather good, and I enjoy it. besides that's why I picked it.

Re:Hey Guys!

I'm good I've read a few books lately I like to read psychological thrillers mostly one I just finished reading one called Halloween it was very interesting I think I might read a Christmas carol next. Last weekend I went to see tower heist at the theater it was great.

The weekend before thanksgiving a tragedy happened a block from my house a woman murdered 7 people.

Re:Hey Guys!

I like to read books about guide dogs. I'm getting ready to start reading Thunderdog. An this weekend, I am going to Cal State Northridge and Junior Blind Of America.

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