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CCRC 6 month program

hey everyone, havent posted in a while! so i have lost alot of vision in my good eye this semester and so I am thinking about goin to CRIS COLE REHAB CENTER in austin,texas. i live in texas. its a 6 month program where you go and stay in a dorm/apartment and are blindfolded and taught how to live independently complelty blind, things like cooking, cleaning, orientation and mobility. I would be scared to do this because i dont like being away from home or by myself..being alone scares me alot! i just hate it! and i know if i go i will not know a single person there, this scares me but i also know in my head that doing this would be good for me, especially while i am still in college. has anyone else done any programs like this one? or know anything about this one?

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Re: CCRC 6 month program

G9od luck! I went to the Davidson Program for Independence in L.A. I was worried about being away from home but it was okay.

Sarah and Wizard

Re:CCRC 6 month program

Hi Jillian, I don't know anything about that program in Austin.

However, I think it will be a great experience for you If you decide to go, I am going to Davidson Program For Independence in L.A. and I cant wait!!

Don't worry about being away from home, I am a little worried about leaving my home, but I know I will be fine, and so will you.

Good luck and I hope your doing well.

Re:CCRC 6 month program

okay yes i know its not the end of the world. whoever said that though, you should be careful in saying stuff like that, im not tryin to pick a fight or anything but that comment bothered me. you never know how some people react to stuff like that. im in my second year of college and hate being away, but ive been like this for as long as i can remember. its just who i am. on another note- i am thinking about doing the ccrc thing, i have a tour of it set up in january right before i go back to college

Re:CCRC 6 month program

The Cris Cole Center is an awesome rehabilitation center for persons with vision loss. I have toured there, known persons who worked there in the past. I still know someone who works there. Plus, Austin is an amazing city, one of my favorites in the country. You would get top notch training there.

Good luck on whatever you decide!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:CCRC 6 month program

nope, don't know anything about it, but being away from home isn't that bad and it's not the end of the world at all like you make it seem, if you make some friend and relax1 it's even a let of fun. just imagine all the havoc you don'r up at home. stay at college and for the most part it was dandy. my mom would have wanted to kill me if she knew haf of the things i was doing. tooo much fun, just keep a skype account and talk to your folks that way or call them a lot i did that for the first few days. but i have heard of some good accounts and some bad ones at these centers. hahaha! they would litteral loathe me, i like to itir up toooo much trouble

Re:CCRC 6 month program

I would be worried too, I hate going away. I had anxiety attacks and I was only gone 2 days.

Re:CCRC 6 month program

Don't worry I'm sure you'll do fine if you decide to do it I have done a little blindfold training myself and I assure you you'll thank yourself for it later
My o&m is going to do it with me. To help me work on my route planning and traveling skills I've looked online at those programs they sound like a lot of fun in this one program around the same state vicinity as yours they learn camping and carpentry just to name a few

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