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I have a lot of fears. One of them is that I am afraid if someone pushes a rocking chair back I will fall. The reason for this is because when I went to the Dentist one time, I was in a chair with the top of my head parallel to the floor and I could stare at the cabinets. Any advice. The reason is because my cousin pushes the chair back.

P.S. Lindsay, did you find the jaws version.

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Re: grrrrrr

I know it's a bit to late to reply to this but I thought I would. My greatest fear is having good friends. I know it's stupid but it's true.

Re: grrrrrr

My fear is living on my own and being independent. I don't really have the confidence.

Re: grrrrrr

Hmm, I sometimes have that same fear. :-) Thankfully, it doesn't happen to me much, but when it does I either slap the annoying child away or try to ignore them.


Thanks. What is it exactly you need help with?


Hey it's JAWS version 9.0.5


I am glad you are comfortable enough to share your fears!

Have a great day!

Joe S.
AFB Staff


I rock in a rocking chair all of the time. The problem is my cousin pushes it backward which makes me feel like I am going to fall back. He also told me that he likes scaring me. How awful is that.


Hi Tyler, I think you should try your best to face ykour fear without paniking.

Maybe you could sit in a rocking chair and rock slowly, to make it easier for you to feel comfortable and see how it goes.

I am afraid I'm tot going to make it on my own but I have a lot of support from friends and family.

Another thing that helps me is talking to people about it1 and I never really use to talk about my issues with anyone.

I hope this helps.


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