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hi there

hi all is really nice to see how people all over the world get together with a same objective this is wicked. ;)
i am from colombia but at the moment i am living in australia, is been hard for me to make friends over here as australians seems not to like oversea's people. anyway i am seeking a truly friend and someone who can be there when ever i can. because sometimes i get a bit lonely and i am here by my self.
i am honest and full of love jejeje ok... well who ever wants to be my friend
(your email address was removed, we try to keep email addresses and full names off this message board -- as for the safety of you and other minors. Thank you for understanding! Welcome to TeenConnect -- you will find some great people on this message board.)

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Re: hi there

Hey Rachel,
What's up?

Re: hi there

My name is Sarah and I live in California. I have always wanted to go to Austrailia.

Sarah and Wizard

Re:hi there

hey, there. this is rachel if this is not already clear as the day is bright.

19 freshman in college, ambitious. psych major. likes many things especially anything intellectual. and pretty nice and easy to get along with, pretty emotional and caring. a bit sensitive, but yeah, just don't get me upset.

Re:hi there

well, hi.......! I am rachel if that's not already plain as day 19, college freshman, psych major. pretty damn ambitious. I enjoy being geeky, love many things and everything intellectual. I am generally pretty nice, though if you make me angry, then watch out!

Re:hi there

Hi I'm Lindsay and welcome sorry about the problems you've had
What do you like to do? I like movies,books,animals,music,etc

Re:hi there

Hi there, my name is Paulina, and I'm 18, I live in California.

I'm sorry your having a hard time there, and I'm sure you will make a lot of friends there, and I know you will make friends here as well.
I hope you have a great day, and welcome to the site!!

Re:hi there

Welcome to TeenConnect!

You will meet a great group of teens on this message board. I hope you enjoy getting to know the group and sharing. Australia has some good services for people who are blind or visually impaired.

I am sorry that you are having such a tough time there. I hope you get adjusted. How long have you been there?

Well, thank you for using TeenConnect and the American Foundation for the Blind's message boards.

I hope you understand why we had to take down your email address.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

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