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First timer

Hi i'm new to teenconnect, I live in Florida. I'm looking forward to talkgin to someone

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Re: First timer

Hi Daniel,
Sorry if this is a little to late to reply to your post but I thought I would anyway. My name is Abby and I love country music as well. I have rop to.

Re: First timer

My name is Sarah. I grew up listening to country music. Who are you favorite artists?

Re:First timer

Hi, My name is Daniel. I have ROP, it stands for Retanpothy of Prematurity. It has gotten so that I'm not able to see out of the left center and corner of my eye.. Somehow, I'm not sure how tho, i am able to manage to get around. I don't have any friends at my high school, i'm taking a class with a virtual school tho, the class is American History, for the most part I like the class, there are some hard things in the class. I live with my mom and dad and older sister. I also have a cousin that is serving in the army(my cosin is coming back tomorrow March 1) I'll be 17 this June.Some subjects that I like in my regular school are English and JROTC. Jrotc is a class that prepares you for jobs in the army, I want to be able to work on computers when I get out of high school. The class also helps you with being organized and integrity (i think that's how you spell it.) I don't come on here a lot tho. I'm in 10th grade and i like country music. I also like to play computer games when i'm not doing anything,

Re:First timer

hey, hey! the name is Rachel from california here too. I am a college student, who goes to school in the bay area. I am extremely independent, friendly, outspoken, nerdy, an goofy! so, neah, I'll be round.

Re:First timer

Welcome to TeenConnect -- a message board brought to you from the American Foundation for the Blind and the AFB CareerConnect program.

There is a great group who utilize this message board and they have already welcomed you. The group shares thoughts, advice, tips, and more.

Just a heads up, we try not to post email addresses, phone numbers, full names, and such -- as this message board is aimed at teens (not that you posted anything). Hope you find some good advice and conversations with the crew.

I hope you enjoy your experience!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:First timer

Hi my name is Paulina, and I'm from california as well.
What do you like to do? What kind of music do you like to listen to?
Welcome to the site!!

Re:First timer

I'm Lindsay and i'm from North Carolina

Re:First timer

hey DAN, i'm writing this message on my ps3.

Re:First timer

Hi, my name is Sarah I'm from California.

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