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Hey everyone. I'm getting that Orientation and mobility training tomorrow again. It's awesome. Also, I think that we need to advocate for ourselves and raise awareness in our schools and/or colleges by sharing what we know about blindness.

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Re: O&M

That is 8ery interesting. I am glad you are enjoying OandM.


I hope you have a great lesson! Or, had a great lesson.

My Personal Opinion
I definitely think O & M has an aspect of awareness in it. It is extremely important for society to see people who are blind or visually impaired out and about -- traveling using a cane or dog -- traveling independent.y. Often, persons do not realize that people who are blind or visually impaired are active members of the community. People are more apt to ask questions when you are out traveling independently -- and are often watching possibly in awe as well. I don't believe he meant awareness and advocacy in negative manner, but as an educational and opening persons' eyes. We have opportunities all of the time to educate in a really nice manner. It can be tough not to be sarcastic, but we can open someone eyes -- typically, that person will pass this information on to the others.

I hope both of you keep up the positive attitudes! I wish you both the best of luck!

Joe S.
AFB Staff


what does o&m have anything to raising awareness, awyway?

and I only agree a little bit, I also think we should also chill it. I think people are nice enough, aand we should only stir up awareness when they give us tourble or if ye get a cahance in an essay or speech or something, no need to smeer in in their face either.

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