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Hello everyone,

I just got my CCTV on Wednesday, does anyone know how to get the laptop and CCTV to work together? so i can browse the web using my computer but look at it on my CCTV and still be able to type on my computer? as well as when doing research being able to switch to see what i am writing?

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They are interesting.


That is quite an interesting question, but I do not hav a CCTV. I have always wondered what they were like.


Great stuff.

Not all Video Magnifiers (CCTV) have the capability to do split screen, but a good amount of the newer versions do have it. If it doesn't, you could use an A / B Switch to switch between your computer screen (on the video magnifier screen) and the image or document that you are viewing. Some devices offer a pedal to do this as well -- allows you not to have to use your hand to change it. So, it all depends on the device. I am sure you can call the vendor or company to find out more -- you can probably tell by the types of ports on the back of the screen -- if that makes sense (probably).

I know this isn't a definite answer, but this is the best we can do from the information that you provided. Hope it works out!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

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