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Hi. I havent been on here in a while due to internet problems.
But I had some trouble with the scholarship application, they don't have the career I want or they dont have anything for undecided.
Are there any other blind scholarships besides AFB, NFB, AND ACB?

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Re: Scholarships

Google scholarships for the visually impaired.

Sarah and Wizard


It is great that you are looking for scholarships. I would literally do an internet search for scholarships blind, scholarships visually impaired, scholarships legally blind, and such -- you will find some out there. Some local organizations offer scholarships or funding including the Lion's Club, Rotary Club, and other social / philanthropic groups. Most would require an application and possibly an interview or presentation. There are general disability related scholarships out there too. Are you registered with your state vocational rehabilitation agency? Many offer some funding towards college if you are a client. They also may know of other scholarships to check out. I would also suggest other social groups and organizations that you are active in may have scholarship funds. You can check out your local community foundation -- search the web for it your area. Ask them if they have scholarships -- they don't have to be disability related.

It is harder to get a scholarship often, if you don't have a career goal or some kind general idea -- this career goal can change at college -- just opens you up to more college scholarship opportunities.

Hope this helps!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

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