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Independent Living Training

Hello Everyone,

I have been looking into the independent living training stuff.
How is it supposed to help me?
Are there any programs out there that only do a few weeks instead of several months?
Has anyone else on here done it before?
How was it?
Where did you go?

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Re: Independent Living Training

There is a schol called Junior Blind Of America in Jest Los Angeles. There is one program there clled Davidson Profram For Independence, (D.P.I.), which last 4 to 6 months, t3en there is Ster 1, which lasts 5 weeks.

Re: Independent Living Training


Yeah, an assessment can be done by your local community rehab provider to figure out what type of skills or services you need. Hadley's courses are free, so that makes it easy to check out.

The summer programs can often be found from your local state's school for the blind or rehabilitation center depending on your age. There are lots of camps out there, you should contact your blind services in your state to see what they can suggest.

Hope this helps, no easy answer.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re: Independent Living Training

How do I know if it is right for me?
How do I find out about summer camps I would qualify for?
What summer camps have you attended and how was it?

Re: Independent Living Training

If you go to -- you can use the Directory of Services to find out what services are in your area. Community rehabilitation programs often do itinerant services, so you would not have to go to a center for training. But, you will not get as indepth or as much training through itinerant as center based. Both are good options.

Also, has some courses on systems, labeling and more related to independent living. These courses are free for persons with vision loss too. This is something to check out as well, this would be doing courses via mail, email, phone or online possibly.

Independent living training is so important and can be extremely beneficial. I hope this helps!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re: Independent Living Training

Independent living training is great. it teaches you how to cook, wash clothes, clean, travel, computer skills, organization, etc. They help you become more independent with confidence. What i understand at least in my home area there are summer camps that last a couple weeks but i don't know too much about them. Most of my independent living skills came from web resources and my own modifications and trial and error and some help from my O&M. This summer i'm going to a few summer camps that focus on independent living and job skills up at my local school for the blind.

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