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Summer Camp

I am ready to go to camp! There will be other blind and VI folks like me. To me this is really exciting because I have never met anyone who was my age and VI. I do have one question about this site. Is it just me or does it seem like it takes a LONG time to get comments and posts approved and posted? I'm kinda new and still learning the swing of things.

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Re: Summer Camp

I know how that fels!

Re: Summer Camp

I know the feeling the hardest part for me explaining is I never see the same way long

Re: Summer Camp

Thank you Wingman! I am really excited to finally start meeting people who are similar to me. I have spent 17 years with 'normal' people. It can be kind of depressing at time. Especially when they try to baby you and when they ask you what your vision is like. I don't mind them asking it is just so hard to explain.

Re: Summer Camp

In general it depends the forum hasn't been active lately so comments are coming at a slower pace sometimes you get a post imediately

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