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I hate it when I go somewhere where and there is a bunch of people I don't know. My sister, dad, an I went to eat fish somewhere and we stayed well past dark. I didn't know that we would be going some where new so I didn't bring my cane. We stayed well past dark. I had to be really careful and how I moved. It felt like I had at least one pair of eyes on me at all times. It kinda made me wonder what normal people think when they see my eyes moving side to side and see me with my death grip descending the stairs.

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Re: People

I go to my cabin every summer. When I went through a small town we stopped at this really good mexican place and when I stood up and put my coat on and my mom guided me tward the door almost the whole place was rivitted. When my mom and I got out into the parking lot she explained how many people were staring at us and I'm like oh wow. d

Re: People

Good topic -- don't you wish you could see their reactions, but I don't get upset with it for the most part. I find it a little funny. People just don't see many people who are blind or visually impaired or notice us.

This may sound funny, but sometimes it is good to take assistance, just as good as traveling independently. It provides an opportunity to educate someone and explain how to provided sighted guide, such as when crossing a street. Not all persons travel as well as others -- so if a person learns the proper way and is treated well, they are more likely to offer in the future. Now, if they are treated poorly or have a negative experience, they are more likely to stand back or ignore the person. You can tell them it is okay to offer assistance, but not to grab a person, but to say, for the person guiding to say, "you may grab my arm."

Keep getting out there and impressing people. Yeah, people don't know what to think of people when they don't fit into their box or view of what a person who is blind or visually impaired should be.

Hope this makes sense.

Keep getting out there!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re: People

I love doing it! I do it with my knowledge usually how I do it. I was the first in my schools history to get a perfect score on the writing test. I don't really go out on weekends. my mom works weekend nights and my dad has stuff going on. Normally I will go out and spen some time with my horse Beauty. I hate it when I have a O and M lesson in town sometimes because people will just stop in the middle of the road until they get mad enough to leave. Even after I wave them on.

Re: People

I know the feeling especially in my home area I get some of the worst stares there. Sometimes especially in recent years I will give them something to stare at in a funny way. When I went kayaking I really got some stares when I pulled out my cane after being out in a single I really cracked up when my mom described their expressions

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