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Texting and ANDROID Phones

I got a Samsung Captivate Glide ANDROID phone and I am not able to read my text messages. I was wondering if anyone knew of any apps or something that could read text messages back to me or increase the size a lot.

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Re: Texting and ANDROID Phones

You can indeed send texts and call. I use it to text but I have never called any one with it. Basically it asks for your phone number and and it will send your texts to the person you are texting, to your phone, and it will be on the iPod screen as well. You do have to have Internet though.

Re: Texting and ANDROID Phones

So, your saying that I can text to a mobile phone if it is accessible? I can even make phone calls? I would like to know more.

Re: Texting and ANDROID Phones

Tyler you can download google Voice for free on the iPod as well. I am not sure how accessible it is but it is a great way to text for free on your iPod.

Re: Texting and ANDROID Phones

I hate to be a downer for your phone, but, the iPhone is the only way to get any kind of accessibility worth looking into. Trust me, trade that in for an iPhone, or stick with that one. I'm just providing advice. After all, I've had an iPod touch for 1 week and 3 days and it has been my connection outlet for a lot of things. I've done facetime calls and used iMessage. I've also wired my email to come straight to my idevice which is awesome.

Re: Texting and ANDROID Phones

I would think that there might be something in the accesablity settings on your phone. I am not 100% though.

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